Our History

Winemaker Roger Harrison has been known as "Mr. Botrytis" in the wine industry for decades.  He was the protege of pioneers Myron and Alice Nightingale who taught him the craft of developing and harvesting botrytis cinera (noble rot) spores in a laboratory environment.  Since 1983, he has worked at Beringer Vineyards on the "Nightingale" (named for Myron and Alice) dessert wines made from highly concentrated grapes blessed with botrytis.  After 32 years perfecting these rare dessert wines at Beringer, Roger launched his own winery in 2006, R.A. Harrison Family Cellars, dedicated to special botrytised wines.  The winemaking techniques and grapes selected for the wines are very similar to those used at the famous Sauternes winery, Chateau d'Yquem.